Saturday, 27 November 2010

An Uneventful Saturday Night

This update is mostly going to be a stream of random consciousness so apologies in advance if it doesn't make much sense, i'm tired and keep zoning out.

It's been a while since i've updated this blog, mostly because i've not thought of anything particularly ramble worthy recently. But i'm determined not to let this blog just peter out in the way so many of my projects in the past have.

I have at last count 8 different stories with over 2,000 words written, but which are still a long way from being finished. I had 4 drums lessons before abandoning that as a lost cause (a growing understanding of my complete lack of co-ordination or sense of timing has left this seeming like a wise decision in hindsight, but at the time I think it was just a result of a lack of focus and sticking power).

I miss playing football a lot, but I know I could probably have fought harder to keep that part of my life going. Due to a mix of good, lazy and just self-conscious reasons I barely play any more, and it strikes me as a bit odd that despite it being something I valued incredibly highly, i've let it go remarkably easily.

I think it's just representative of me as a person, I get passionate about things, some for a short while, some for much longer, but when that passion begins to die I don't really try hard enough to maintain it. My focus is too weak and too fleeting. I'm too easily put off by even the slightest difficulties or lack of results.

It annoys me and i'm sure at times it must have annoyed other people.

It's this previous lack of persistence and my desire (possibly doomed but hey i'll try and be optimistic, there's a first time for everything I guess) that is making me really hope I can keep this blog going.

I'm sat watching x factor currently and laughing at the term 'rock song' being stretched to breaking point. I'm not as against x factor as some people, it's well marketed and frustratingly addictive and there are some pretty decent performances on it.

I'm looking forward to going to two gigs in the next fortnight, it's been ages since i've been to a gig (unless i'm forgetting one then it was back during the summer holidays when I saw Bedouin Soundclash in a tiny little pub in the centre of London, a truly great gig) and I can't wait to go to a couple of gigs and just feel that thrill I always experience when listening to live bands.

I'm seeing Pendulum on the 4th in Nottingham, which i'm looking forward to, though it has to be said i'm more excited about seeing my friend Emma than I am about the actual gig. However i'm sure by the time i'm in the arena there'll be that familiar gig based excitement as well. The week after that i'm seeing Frank Turner and I am almost giddy when I think about that. Frank Turner is one of my favourite artists, several of his songs mean a huge amount to me and I listen to him probably as often as anyone on my iPod. The only negative that occurs to me when thinking about going to this gig is that, just like when I saw bloc party, there's pretty much no way he's going to play every one of the songs I really hope he does. The price you pay for seeing an artist with several albums worth of good material I guess is that a 60/90 minute set is unlikely to completely do their back catalogue justice. I'll almost certainly leave that gig fairly hoarse from singing along and I frankly can't wait.

An evening i have more mixed feelings for is this Monday. Nottingham Forest are playing Leicester City and as most people who read this will now, I'm a Forest fan who lives in Leicester (at least for uni). I wasn't able to get two tickets for the game in the away end (I could have got one but i didn't want to sit there on my own, despite how tempted i was to be in the middle of the crowd), so me and my house mate are going to a pub to watch that, and the El Classico derby which is on the same night. I'm looking forward to seeing a Forest game live, looking forward to a night in the pub watching football. What I'm not looking forward to is the fact that at least for the first half I'll be unsure how passionately I can safely react to any Forest goal without getting my head kicked in by a pissed Leicester fan. So either if Leicester beat Forest then I'll have to watch loads of people celebrating right in front of me, or, if Forest beat Leicester I won't be able to celebrate completely naturally because i won't be entirely relaxed.

Either way it should be interesting.

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