Friday, 22 July 2011

Apathy and Sympathy

Another short post today, tiredness and an irritating sense of apathy mean that I don’t really feel up to writing anything more lengthy.

I do want to use this blog to add my voice to the outpouring of sympathy for the people of Oslo. The twin terrorist attacks are horrific and disgusting so I am aligned with the rest of the world in hoping that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

In other news I am planning to go into town for the next couple of days, Sheffield’s hosting its 3rd annual free music festival, Tramlines, this weekend. The line up isn’t quite as strong as the last couple of years but there are still enough good bands and artists to make me want to wander into the city centre. The fact is that even without any really big name draws I love the atmosphere in Sheffield during Tramlines, music, lots of people and a wide range of food stalls mean that I can always find some way to entertain myself for the duration.

Today’s song is the one I’m most hoping to get the chance to hear live tomorrow, one I have seen performed once before at one of the best intimate little gigs I’ve ever been to.

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