Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dream Destinations

Very quick post today. I've been thinking about this quite a bit recently, revealing my intense desire to explore the world a lot more than i already have. The idea is that, if i was stupendously, stupidly rich and decided to buy 10 apartments, in 10 different cities across the world, where would they be and why.

1. Berlin - My favourite city i have ever visited by far, possibly due to an idealised school trip, but the whole point is that I've now got more money than sense, so 1 brilliant week is actually a perfectly reasonable basis for buying an apartment. It would also serve as a good base to explore Northern and Eastern Europe.

2. Barcelona - I loved my one experience of Spanish culture and Barcelona is supposed to be one of the cultural capitals of not just Spain but Europe as a whole. The sunshine, the art, the architecture and the history of fighting against fascism all appeal, as well as the fact that I could venture out across the Mediterranean from there.

3. Accra - My mother's side of the family spent several years in Ghana, I would want to have a home somewhere in Africa and because of my families link to the country I've always felt a strange affinity with it.

4. New Delhi - One of the main motivations behind having homes spread out across the world is that it would allow me to experience a range of really different cultures in a more lasting way than a week's holiday ever could. Delhi would allow me to explore India, a country with lots of different cultures within it's borders and some incredible sights to see.

5. Tokyo - Japan manages to cram several of the most advanced cities in the world with some incredibly beautiful mountains and scenery. Tokyo would be a fascinating place to live for periods of time, but I don't know if I could cope with living somewhere quite that crowded for all that long. Perhaps I'd have to buy an apartment on the outskirts, from what I understand their public transport system. Also, when combined with Delhi and my next choice, I'd be set up nicely to visit almost anywhere in the Eastern hemisphere.

6. Wellington - If the Lord of the Rings films are anything to go by, a home in New Zealand would be worth the money just for the incredible scenery on show whenever I ventured out of the city. It is also not too far away from Sydney and the East coast of Australia.

7. Buenos Aires - I'd want a base in South America and I'd go for the Argentinean capital over Rio De Janeiro for the comparative safety and slightly less painful class divide. However I'd still be making regular visits to Brazil, Peru and Chile from there, taking in plenty of football matches and soaking up the, at times excessive, passion they have for the game.

8. Bridgetown - Barbados's capital shouldn't need much justification, it's Barbados, who wouldn't want some kind of home there if they could afford it, to escape to the beaches whenever possible.

9. New York & 10. San Francisco - I put these two together because the U.S is the only country I'd have two homes in, because it would be hard to do justice to it otherwise. I'd love to be a complete walking cliché and buy a classic muscle car (admittedly I'd have to learn how to drive first) and then drive across the country, trying to visit every single state, enjoying the freedom and opportunities that having scary amounts of money could offer.

However what's crucial to add to this list is that no matter what happens, I would make sure I always had a house in Sheffield, simply because despite their many undoubted wonders, I can't imagine any of the cities listed above ever feeling like home in the way Sheffield does.

Today's song is one that came on in a bar while I was having dinner this evening with a friend and I'd forgotten just how good a track it is.

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