Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mid July Musings

Currently watching the Women’s World Cup final and am really impressed by the quality on show, both the U.S.A and Japan are technically very good teams, a good degree better than England I have to concede. It’s a shame that this is the only match the BBC have decided to show on an actual channel rather than only available via the red button; as I said in a previous post, tournaments like this are a great opportunity to raise the profile of the women’s game and remove some of the stigma and prejudice surrounding it, but it will need a bit more bravery on the part of major television channels. I’m rooting for Japan as they’re the under-dogs but on the basis of the first 66 or so minutes, a U.S.A win would be probably the right result.

In other news the basket beneath the News International guillotine is getting a little full, with Met Chief Sir Paul Stevenson joining the list of people jumping before they were pushed. I’m planning to write a full blog on the current state of the scandal either tomorrow or on Tuesday, though by then I imagine the picture will have changed yet further. It’s a rapidly changing situation and there are still an awful lot of questions to be answered.

Jonathan Ross has posted a link to a blog post detailing allegations of illegal activities at The Daily Mail. There’s a temptation for me to say that I’d let Murdoch retreat now with no further repercussions if The Daily Mail was taken down in return. I make no secret of my opinion of that particular newspaper, it is a virulent and hate filled production more concerned with peddling it’s particular agenda than with journalistic standards, perspective or truth. It is a paper which employs Jan Moir and Richard Littlejohn, which surely says all you need to know.

I also intend to write in the next few days about the sentencing of Charlie Gilmour for his part in the student fees protests last year. It might not come as a huge surprise that I’m not particularly happy with it.

In amongst those political posts I’m sure I’ll write a couple of film related pieces, and perhaps I might do a blog on the final of ‘The Apprentice’ but those are less set in stone.

For now though I’ll leave you with a song I listened to earlier today, a song off of a great, if a little repetitive album released last year.

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