Sunday, 8 May 2011

30 Days Of Nerves

Well i'm back in Leicester now after a relaxing month or so back in Sheffield. The next 30 or so days are not going to be hugely hectic but they could be pretty important and formative.

Two exams, one on political theory, one on contemporary American politics, which will round off what overall has been a pretty successful academically speaking; i've managed to maintain a level of grades that i'm happy with. I'm not on for anything spectacular but i never expected to be, instead barring a catastrophic collapse in these two exams i should be able to take a decent grade into third year with all the dissertation and impending future scariness that entails.

I've got wildly different feelings about the two exams; the political theory scares me in a way i haven't felt since GCSE French, there's simply so much i don't know or understand when it comes to all the various theorists and so far the revision i've done has hardly filled me with confidence. We're advised to talk about three different theorists in the exam and there's only one i'm at all confident on and that's Rousseau. I had to write an essay on the 18th century Genevan earlier in the year so he's a little less daunting than most of the others, emphasis on 'a little'.

By comparison i'm almost happy about the US politics exam; i find the subject fascinating, in no small part because US politics is really quite bonkers. Spending a couple of hours writing about two different issues actually almost sounds appealing, at least as much as any exam can.

Of course these conflicting feelings about the exams will probably mean that i ace the Political Theory one while failing the US one, purely because, to mix two crude clich├ęs, sod's law's a bitch.

During the period around those two exams are the 1st and 2nd legs of the Championship Play Offs and they'll be taking up a good chunk of my nervousness quota for the next fortnight. I'll find out on Monday or Tuesday whether i'm able to get a tickets for the home leg, but i'll be watching both games regardless of the ticket situation. I won't talk about them any more here as i will be dedicating more than enough of this blog to the Play Offs and how they pan out over the next few weeks.

However if those games well you can add a trip down to London on Monday the 30th of this month to my schedule, but there's an awful lot of chickens i'm relying on hatching between now and then.

Then there's a week of work experience at the Leicester Mercury to look forward to/cower in fear from at the start of June. I'm looking forward to the experience but i'm not going to pretend that i'm not nervous about it. I have no idea how much they'll expect from me or what i'll have to do and that fills me with a delightful cocktail of anticipation and nausea. Plus i need to go shopping before then and get some office clothes; most of my smart clothes are a bit too night out orientated so that's another thing i have to sort out. It's a chance for me to see what being a journalist might be like, to maybe make some contacts within the industry and to get a feeling for what being an actual grown up is like, something i've avoided at all costs up until now.

The final big feature of the coming month or so is a visit to Alton Towers with a few friends. I'm quite excited about it partly because i've not been on a ride in a long time and only been to Alton Towers as quite a young child. Now a combination of a slight fear of heights and a distrust of machinery means that me and roller coasters are not normally a good combination but i'm fairly sure i'll enjoy it if i force myself to go on the rides, once i let adrenaline take over from my natural inclination to be nervous.

Really that's a decision i need to make more often, about more things in my life; anyone who knows me will know that i over think anything and everything and i tend to let my awareness of the worst case scenario get in the way of simply going for it and seeing what happens. I definitely fall into the camp of "thinks too much" without all that often thinking about anything useful.

As i'm doing these blog posts on a daily basis i'm not always going to be able to write about big, important news stories or concepts and so there are going to be days like today where the post takes on an almost diary quality. I make no apology for that because i simply don't have the time or inclination to do the research or writing involved in those bigger blogs every day.

To finish off today's post is a song is a definite classic. A lot of the time the songs i post on here are going to be new ones, from contemporary bands, because they make up the majority of the music i listen to, but i think for the next 7 days i'm going to accompany my blog posts with a link to/video of songs that everyone should hear at least once.

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