Sunday, 1 May 2011

The End Is Nigh

Today's post is going to be kind of a follow up piece to yesterdays. I'm going to take a more of an overall look at the Championship with the majority of teams now only having 1 game left to play.

At the top QPR are, for the next 5 days at least, champions and i have to concede that they've earned the promotion. They've been by far the most consistent team in the division and in Taarabt have one of the most talented players. The FA have handled the whole issue of the disciplinary hearing for QPR fielding midfielder Faurlin while he was owned by a third party, which is illegal, almost farcically badly. I just can't understand why they've let it drag on to the point where the hearing is only being held in the final week of the season. If they'd dealt with it in March they could have handed out a judgement without it seeming calculated around how it affects the final league standings. A serious points deduction, especially if it is anything near the 15 points the Sun claim (i have zero faith in the truth of their report) then QPR could slip into the play offs. Now much as i love anything that pisses off Neil Warnock, it wouldn't be fair or right to deny them the championship.

It is kind of ironic that after spending so long complaining that a fine isn't a worthy punishment for fielding an illegible player (the whole Tevez-West Ham-Sheffield United saga) he could fall foul of laws partly introduced because of it.

It's hard to comment on the fight for second place as both Cardiff and Norwich play tomorrow and those results will be hugely telling as to who gets that last automatic spot. I'd prefer it to be Norwich for two reasons; firstly i feel they've been the marginally better team over the last 44 games and play some really good football, secondly because Forest have done the double over Cardiff this year already so i'd rather meet them in the Play Offs than Norwich.

Barring a dramatic collapse by Forest and an even more stunning win by Leeds on the final day it seems that the other teams in the Play Offs will be Forest, Swansea and Reading. I don't see much point making predictions as to who will get promotion via the play offs as they have a habit of confounding pundits and fans alike.

At the bottom it's all over for Scunthorpe, Preston and Sheffield United. Preston were relegated last week but the other two's resistance finally ended on Saturday. I'm personally a little sad to see Sheffield United relegated; i don't reckon Forest will get promotion this year and i always enjoy the games against Sheffield teams so it'll be dull to be in the Championship without either local team, although at least i'll have bragging rights for a year at least.

Today's song is one which i associate with Championship football for two reasons. Firstly because it's played at the City Ground every game about 10 minutes before kick off so it's intrinsically linked to my love for Forest and some of the best memories i have. Secondly because it was used on a highlights show for a couple of seasons.

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