Friday, 6 May 2011

You Have To Laugh Or You'd Cry

So the country has voted quite overwhelmingly against AV. I'm disappointed because i don't believe we'll get another chance to change the way our governments are elected for a long time and that means being stuck with the terrible First Past The Post system and predominantly right of centre politics for the foreseeable future. But the country has spoken and we'll get the politics we deserve on that basis.

This blog's been a bit depressing for the past week or so, very much focussed on political issues which though important hardly make for cheery contemplation so today's blog is going to be both shorter and more light hearted.

First up i stumbled across these two websites via Charlie Brooker's twitter and on a day when England's politics hasn't exactly left me in the greatest of moods, these made me laugh. The first is a superb collection of photos of Nick Clegg looking sad with some amusingly harsh captions. The second is in a similar vein but is mocking the times when David Cameron tries to seem more in touch with the average citizen than he or the majority of the Westminster politicians are. It reminded me of a video i've posted on here before, made during the lead up to the 2010 General Election adapting Pulp's "Common People" to comic effect. As it still makes me chuckle i'll post it again here:

Now moving the political satire focus across the Atlantic there's been a music video posted on Youtube of an alternative speech to the one broadcast all over the world of President Obama announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden. There's even references to Charlie Sheen, Rebecca Black and the attention seeking Donald Trump.

So there you go, a mini-rant and a healthy dose of political satire. To finish today's blog i'm going to post a song that i know i've posted at least once before, but it's a beautiful song and on a sunny day like this it feels kind of perfect. It's off Elbow's most recent album, "Build A Rocket Boys" and if you haven't already checked it out i'd advise you do so.

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