Thursday, 7 April 2011

Back to the Bloc

The choice of what to focus this blog on was made very easy by the discovery of a news story i stumbled across completely inadvertently while having a quick look at the Guardian's music section -

Yes, that's right, according to the guitarist Russell Lissack Bloc Party will be recording new material by the end of the year, with a view to more albums and live tours. Now anyone who knows me properly will know just how happy this news made me. Bloc Party are my favourite band ever, their debut album 'Silent Alarm' is one of my favourite albums ever, 'This Modern Love' is arguably my favourite song ever, or at least it's the one that consistently springs to mind first when that question is posed and when i saw them almost a year and a half ago at the o2 academy in Sheffield it was one of the best gigs i've ever been to. So it's safe to say it's a good bit of news that when they split up over a year ago, it was merely a hiatus rather than a true conclusion to them as a band.

It really has made my day to know that there will quite possibly be another Bloc Party album, that i might get a chance to see them again live. Now bands reforming doesn't always mean a return to past glories, as often as not they're a dissappointment and the suspicion won't go away that the return was inspired as much by profit margins as the pursuit of musical brilliance, but i really hope this isn't the case here. I suspect it isn't as Kele has had a successful time as a solo artist with his more dance orientated debut solo abum, 'The Boxer' earning good reviews and plenty of plays on my iPod. The guitarist Russell has just finished touring with Ash after being their guitarist for the duration and has his own side project in the band 'Pin Me Down'. These are people who could find success elsewhere if they chose to, but are returning to Bloc Party so i'm definitely hopeful that i won't be let down.

The fact that i found out this news on my last day of university for this year, a day where i got two pieces of work back with grades i'm happy with and a day where i'm really beginning to look forward to all the plans that are beginning to take shape for the next couple of weeks only adds to my current almost uncharacteristically cheery mood.

The great thing is there's nothing scheduled for the next couple of weeks that is inevitably going to spoil my mood. That's not to say there won't be something, almost certainly there will be, but at least i can go into the next few days genuinely optimistic and positive about how things are going to pan out.

To finish this blog i'm going to post a list of my top 5 Bloc Party songs at the time of writing (it changes often enough so i can't promise it won't have changed by the time you read it, but the songs chosen will remain great regardless.)

5. Blue Light

4. Halo

3. So Here We Are


1. This Modern Love

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