Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Day of Sunshine and Economics

Short post today; i've spent the evening writing an essay on the economic crisis, more specifically why the US Treasury bailed out AIG but left Lehman Brothers to fail. As i said yesterday, i struggle with the economics side of politics. It's definitely my weak link in politics, the jargon throws me and i find it utterly baffling at times. However i've tried my best and i think i've made sense throughout the essay even if i haven't necessarily wrote the most challenging or original essay.

I have to have something on in the back ground while i work, either music or tv, i can't work in silence i find it actually distracts me more, which i know makes no sense, but there you go. The music side will influence the song choice at the end of the blog, but for a large part of this evening i was watching the Chelsea v Man United game. It wasn't a classic definitely, but compared to some of the games between the traditional big 4 sides in England, it was pretty entertaining. A few thoughts struck me while i was watching; firstly Torres still looks worryingly short on confidence and sharpness, which i don't think can be blamed on the past injuries, because he does look physically fit. Secondly Man United looked a lot more assured throughout than Chelsea but they deserved a penalty right at the end when Evra took Ramires down. I wonder if Ferguson or Phelan will come out with some comment about the referee tonight? I prefer Man United to Chelsea, but i definitely like Ancelotti a lot more than Ferguson, just because of how they come across in media interviews and the like.

I absolutely loved the weather today, even though it made it much harder to focus on my work. I've talked about just how big an impact a blue, fairly cloudless sky have on my mood for a day, and that was the case today. The sun put me in such a good mood this morning there was no way i was going to spoil it, at least initially, by thinking about the economics of politics.

So eventually i got the essay done, i managed to watch a game of football, listen to lots of music and spend a load of time with friends in the sun. It wasn't the most structured day, but i got everything i needed to done while also managing to have fun. Surely that has to be counted as a good day?

The song today is one from an album that helped me get a few hundred words written, an album i hadn't listened to for quite a while, an album which i go through phases of being very dismissive of it.

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