Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Tired and Annoyed Forest Fan

I'm very frustrated right now. Forest were playing today on tv, away at Leeds and we lost 4-1. That would have left me in a bad enough mood on it's own, but it was the nature of the defeat, or more specifically one moment in the first half, which has caused me to be so annoyed. Forest had been outplaying Leeds, looking assured on the ball and seemed by far the more likely side to score.

Then in the 36th minute Chris Cohen was sent off for a tackle on McCartney which was undoubtedly hard, but indisputably got all the ball and almost nothing of the man. It was a ridiculous decision by the referee and the linesman, definitely influenced by the reaction of the Leeds crowd, the Leeds player who stayed down like he had been seriously injured, their manager, Simon Grayson who ran on the pitch and the other players who crowded the referee immediately.

It was yet another example of why there is a real need for video evidence to be available to officials; at full speed the tackle looked dramatic and the reaction of the people around made it seem much worse than it was, if there'd been the opportunity for the ref to watch the tackle back and see that Cohen won the ball and at most it deserved a yellow card.

That decision changed the game, it went from an away game against good opposition where we looked like we might come away with a deserved win, to a heavy defeat, even if the score line was highly flattering to Leeds overall.

That's all for tonight as i'm knackered and this is the first point i've had the time to write today. As always, a song to finish; today it's a song from one of my favourite singer-song writers atm, someone who is just starting to get a bit of media attention. Her name is Hannah Trigwell and she's from Leeds.

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