Sunday, 10 April 2011

Uncertainty in the Premiership

As promised today i will look at the Premiership and make some predictions i really hope seem informed as to how it will all pan out.

At the top i can't see Man United failing to win the league now despite Arsenal picking up a creditable 3 points today. I'd love it to be different, i really hope Arsenal beat Man United in a couple of weeks and they make it very close. It'd be great to see someone other than Man U or Chelsea win the league, but i just can't see it any more. Man United are just too consistent and efficient for it to seem likely that they will mess up enough to allow Arsenal to catch them. By their own high standards Man United have been a little average this season, rarely managing to play to the standard they are definitely capable of, but they've been fulfilling the cliché of 'winning despite playing poorly' and as Alan Hansen will happily repeatedly tell you, that's the key.

Below them despite their own indifferent form i suspect Chelsea and Man City will collect the 3rd and 4th Champions league spots, leaving Tottenham to play in the Uefa cup next year. On a personal level it'd be a shame because out of the three Tottenham are my favourite, mostly because of my fondness for Harry Redknapp, but they look a little short on quality compared to the other two.

At the bottom it's ridiculously tight and so much more entertaining than i can remember the Premiership being in a long time. With 8 points between Newcastle in 9th and Wigan in 20th these last 6 or so games will be hugely entertaining. I suspect Wigan are gone, but other than them it's very tough to even guess who will end up going down. If i had to guess i'd say Wolves and West Ham but as both of them have played well this season, arguably played better than their league position would suggest, i'll be a little bit sad to see both of them drop out of the league. So i guess my heart would say Wigan, Blackburn and Birmingham, my head says it'll be Wigan, West Ham and Wolves.

So that's my assessment of the Premiership, but i suspect, much like with my predictions yesterday for the Championship, i will be made to look very foolish come the end of the season, which is precisely why i love football so much.

To finish today's blog i'm choosing a song from a Sheffield band to celebrate the fact that i'm back home for a few weeks. I was at the gig where they filmed this video and i've got a lot of good memories wrapped up in this band.

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