Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Quarter Life Crisis

I think i might be having a quarter life crisis.

I'm panicking about the future. I'm feeling simultaneously too grown up and nowhere near old enough. I'm repeatedly struck by an intense urge to pack everything in and completely change what little i have that resembles a career plan. I'm seriously tempted to just screw everything up and i have no idea why. It's probably only the barren desert of my bank account that has stopped me from splashing out on some completely impractical and unnecessary luxury. The furthest i can go atm is a packet of McCoys salt and vinegar crisps or if i'm feeling really fancy maybe some party rings.

In other news it looks like this particular stage of the unrest in the Ivory Coast is nearing its conclusion as troops loyal to the UN recognised victor in last years election, Ouattara close in around Gbagbo and several of his generals attempt to arrange the terms of surrender. Even once he's gone, if as seems likely he will be soon, that will only mark the beginning of a very long rebuilding period where Ouattara and other government figures attempt to bring peace to a country that has seen very little of it for decades.

Today i was part of a group that did a presentation on whether US mortgage practices led to the global economic crisis. It's not something i was looking forward to and though i think it went ok, i can't say i'd want to do it again. I've got an essay to finish on a similar topic tomorrow and i can't wait to get it out of the way. I appreciate the importance of economics to politics and i try my hardest to understand at least the basics of it. You can't study contemporary politics or argue for or against much of what is happening in the UK currently without at least attempting to understand the economic reasons and justifications behind it.

However i find it very tough to understand; i struggle a lot with all the different jargon and the various trains of cause and effect that dictate world economics. All the talk of degrees of debt and sums of money which only exist in hypothetical loans rather than physical form makes my head hurt.

Final little piece of news i want to comment on is that Barack Obama has announced what everyone knew already, that he will be running for president in the 2012 election. As of now no-one has come out from the Republican party and said they'd be running, there's plenty of names being bandied about but from what i've seen none of them seem to immediately suggest they could be real competition for Obama.

Today's song is a song by Bloc Party. It's an acoustic version of a song that is potentially my favourite song ever.

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