Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Collection of Thoughts on the Last Day of March

300. Shaun of the Dead. The Parole Officer. Pizza. Cider.

All in all, last night was pretty damn great. It was a very stereotypically "lad" night, something i've definitely missed at university, compared to when i'm back in Sheffield.

Tonight i'm off to the cinema for a preview screening of "Sucker Punch". We got the tickets thanks to a competition of sorts on the IGN website that my house mate told me about.

I've also confirmed my second week of work experience for the summer. I'm working at The Leicester Mercury for the first week of June and then another week at The Derbyshire Times during July. Quite excited about it really; i'm sure i'll be spending a lot of the time fetching cups of tea and stuff like that, but i'm sure it'll still be a good chance to see what a newspaper is really like, to see how accurate my hopes and preconceptions about the business are.

Hopefully i might even get a couple of pieces published, i know quite a few other people who have done when they went on work experience. Would be pretty brilliant to see my name in a newspaper.

To finish the blog today a song that's been around for a few years, from a band who never quite made it into the big time.

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