Sunday, 20 March 2011

Post-Essay Laziness

It's going to be a pretty short post today. I've spent all day writing an essay on whether the US death penalty is effective in reducing crime. I'll probably write a blog about it sometime soon, because it's a subject i find very interesting, but right now i can't bring myself to write anything more about it.

Last night i made a surprising amount of progress on a short story i've been trying to write for several months now. I'd got a lot of the key elements together, but i just couldn't get it to flow, couldn't quite get it to feel like a story rather than a selection of chapters. I'd written it in a kind of odd style, i wrote the beginning, middle and end of the story without writing the chapters that linked them. Hopefully i'll have it finished soon, i'll definitely mention it on here once it's done and anyone who wants to read it would be perfectly welcome.

Now for the main part of this blog, a top 5 list of songs that got me through the essay writing today. Seeing as it took me quite a long time to do the essay, my mood changed a fair bit and so the music i listened to ended up being quite varied. Seeing as it's a Sunday evening it seemed appropriate that i did a chart countdown of my own.

At Number 5 a song that makes me want to go on a night out every time i hear it:

In at Number 4, a classic and permanent favourite

Number 3 in this countdown of songs that kept me going is a bit of good old fashioned guitar based indie, from a promising sounding band:

Just missing out on the top spot, in at Number 2 is this:

And Number 1 tonight is a song which is a definite favourite right now:

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