Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Forest Fan's Frustration

It's safe to say i'm not all that ecstatic about the way today's sport has panned out.

Firstly Forest were utterly outplayed by Swansea today. I watched the game and apart from fairly brief spells at the end of either half, they looked a completely different class to us. All credit to Swansea, they look like real contenders for promotion this year, they attack with pace and quality passing, with the ability to take their chances as well, something they lacked last year. Saying that, i do worry that at times we were making them look good.

It's really worrying just how badly we're falling apart at the moment. We look utterly lacking in ideas and quality in midfield. Kris Boyd looks like a reasonable signing, he seems to be the kind of striker who, if given half decent service, will score goals. The problem is that we simply aren't creating enough. The really odd thing is that we have plenty of players in our team who are in theory creative, yet we for long periods today looked utterly incapable of stringing a few passes together. On the basis of the last month of games we simply don't deserve to go up. There are several other teams in the league playing much better football, much more consistently.

It's not a fact i'm exactly chuffed to have to admit, but it's the truth. We're still in a reasonable position, there's still a good chance we'll end up in the play offs. It's just that unsurprisingly if you know anything about Forest's recent history, i pretty much consider the play offs to mean we're not going up.

Almost more annoyingly, we came so, so, sooooo close to snatching a draw we really didn't deserve. When Anderson hit the post, almost straight after he pulled one back i thought maybe, just maybe we'd pulled off a highly improbable comeback.

Other sporting disappointments today include Ireland's trouncing of us in the Six Nations and Arsenal dropping points in the chase for the Premier League title. Neither of those events bummed me out anywhere near as much as the Forest one, but they had a cumulative effect.

In other, objectively far more important, news, i whole heartedly support the imposing of the no fly zone, the response of France and Britain to the attack on Benghazi and the dismissal of the supposed 'ceasefire' declared by Gadaffi. It's a nice change for once to actually be in favour of a British government's foreign policy, to actually believe that in a screwed up situation, with no 100% right answer, our government chose the best available option and are even perhaps somewhere near the moral high ground. We're not there yet, but we've at least started the climb.

To finish the blog, i'm going to post a song, as per usual. What's less usual is that the song i'm about to post is one that's in the chart's currently. Nothing against chart music, but it tends to be full of songs i only truly like when i'm drunk and in a club, not sober and posting a blog. The song is a cover, one of my favourite cover's at the moment, and a cover that is remarkable in two ways. Firstly because to have the confidence and ability to cover Bon Iver is impressive, secondly, the artist doing the cover is apparently 14. It's the cover of 'Skinny Love', by Birdy.

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