Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Day of Ferrets, Guinness, Bad Football and Morbid Literature

A shorter post today, just looking at a few of the things that have stood out over the past 18 or so hours.

First up, fairly early on today, i heard voices outside my window and decided to take a look through the gap in my blinds, being a full on nosy neighbour. Instead of seeing someone about to try and burgle my house, i was greeted with one of the most surreal sights i've seen in a while. I looked out on the small paved over area that passes for a back garden at my house and stood there was two men and a ferret. Yes, a ferret. In the centre of Leicester.

I then watched as the two men tried and quite spectacularly failed to capture said ferret. They chased it around, attempting to tempt a small animal into a pretty sketchy looking cardboard box, for a good few minutes. They almost looked like they'd cornered it, until the ferret, displaying an IQ that put the two men to shame, darted straight between the open legs of one of the guys, and down the alleyway, followed by two confused and cursing men.

It was an interesting start to my day definitely.

The next feature of my day was potentially the most morbid trip to a library i will ever face. I'm doing a research essay on whether the death penalty actually reduces crime in the US. Naturally i went to the library to get several related books out, only to realise that i possibly wasn't giving out the greatest sociable signals, by carrying a pile of books adorned repeatedly with the word, in bold and capitalised, DEATH. It's an interesting topic, one which has no easy answer, which is exactly what makes it such a fascinating issue to research. Whether i'll be quite so effusive in praise for the topic once i've written the essay is another matter.

Last up is the disappointment that was the Europa League football tonight. Both Manchester City and Liverpool stumbled their way to elimination, never really looking likely to survive, never looking capable of scoring the goals required to keep them in the competition. Both performances were utterly lacking in passion or determination and so though i'm disappointed, i have absolutely no sympathy for their defeats. Neither deserved the chance to continue in the competition, but it's still a shame that the two English teams in the competition were dumped out with quite so little ceremony.

One plus point is that i realised i actually like Guiness. So silver linings and all that.

As a continuation of the fairly light hearted and random nature of this post i'm going to post two videos.

The first is one that is definitely meant as a joke:

The second i merely wish was a joke:

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