Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saturday 12th March - A Few Thoughts

I'm a bit tense while writing this, but that's because i'm listening on the radio to the Forest match against Doncaster and as the season gets closer and closer to the end the nerves involved in every match grow to an almost ridiculous level. In the last few weeks Forest have appeared to do their absolute best to throw away a very promising position. Thankfully none of the teams around us have been able to find any real consistency either so we're still very much in the race for promotion.

Later i'll be watching the FA cup game between Arsenal and Man U and i will definitely be supporting Arsenal; i quite like them as a team, they play good football, they always have a few exciting youngsters who are given a chance in the 1st team, Wenger has shown patience in building a team with real potential and he's been given the time to do so by the board. I felt pretty sorry for them on wednesday, if the ref had shown a little bit of common sense rather than sending Van Persie off for kicking the ball away, i reckon they'd have been in with a real chance of beating Barcelona. In that atmosphere, with such a short time between the referee blowing his whistle and the incident, 99% of players would have done exactly the same as the Arsenal striker so it seems harsh that he, and his team were punished in the way they were. Still it would all have been very different if Bendtner could actually live up to his potential for once, and had finished that chance in the dying moments. I really don't think he's good enough for a top team, he shows ability in flashes but he's hugely inconsistent and you never feel confident that he'll take even the simplest of chances. Seeing as they were also unlucky against Birmingham in the League Cup final, though their downfall in the end was of their own making, i really hope they manage to keep going in the FA Cup and chase down Man U in the league as well. It'd be nice to see someone other than Man U or Chelsea win the premiership for once.

It's not impossible that part of my motivation for writing this blog and focussing on the sport this weekend is that i'm doing everything in my power to foolishly avoid doing work. I have to hand in a dissertation proposal on Monday, it's meant to be around 2,000 words and right now i really don't want to do any more work on it, but i know i'm just going to have to man up and just get on with it soon if i want to avoid that horrible last minute scramble to meet a word count. It's kind of daunting just thinking about that particular D-word, it sounds quite appallingly grown up and serious. I'm sure i'll get this proposal done in the end, just need to find a bit of focus.

I've always been pretty bad for procrastination, but in the last few months i've been even worse than usual. I don't know what it is, why i'm finding it that bit harder to muster the energy to do work or why it's taking longer than usual for the fear to take hold and force me to work. There's really not much time left in this semester of university, so i just need to actually get on with my work, however the difference between acknowledging that fact and acting on it are very different.

I'm kind of loving this song right now - . It's called 'Home' and it's by the brilliantly named 'Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros'. From the whistles in the intro, to the slightly odd but kind of heart warming conversation in the middle, to the conclusion it's sheer feel-good music, the kind of song you put on when the sun's out and you're walking somewhere.

That's all for today but i'm sure i'll write again tomorrow when i want a break from writing the proposal.

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